About Us

The Quality Improvement (QI) agenda within Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is led and delivered by the Quality Improvement Department.

In 2018 our QI journey began. Our Interim Director of Quality Improvement, along with a team comprising of two nurses and a Quality Manager attended the Quality, Service Improvement and Re-design (QSIR) College programme, developed and delivered by NHS Improvement ACT Academy. The team then undertook examinations and assessments based on the content, science and delivery of QI and the QSIR methodology.

We are proud to be accredited as Associate members of the ACT Academy’s QSIR teaching faculty, and will soon be welcoming five more BTH colleagues to our teaching faculty. These include one nurse, one AHP, one Health Visitor and two Consultants

As a team, we provide all QI training within the Trust. We promote the ethos and advantages of QI internally and externally. We offer guidance with all things QI and we actively support and work alongside staff to develop their improvement ideas using QSIR methodology and associated supportive tools.

We strongly believe that QI is ‘everybody’s business’ and is the way forward to make sustainable change and improvements within our Trust and for the NHS. Above all, we believe QI supports improvement leadership, it allows individuals and teams to take ownership of their improvement ideas, and equips them with the knowledge and skills to ‘lead,’ design and implement their improvement projects with support from the Quality Improvement Team. We welcome and invite all those who wish to learn more about the benefits and uses of QI.