Young helper gets praise from social movement, Camerados

LOCAL youngster Maia Stewart-Gee has been praised by social movement Camerados.

Instead of playing at lunchtime, the seven year-old has been befriending and helping pupils at her school and recruiting them to the kindly cause.

Camerados, who currently have a tepee in the foyer of Blackpool Victoria Hospital, started with a belief in a simple but powerful idea: that you beat tough times by getting two things: Friends and Purpose. The idea has worked to great effect in the tepee and now at school!

It started when Maia had spotted the badges on her mum’s work lanyard and asked what it meant.

When her mum, who works the Vic, explained that being a Camerado meant talking to people you don’t know in order to be kind and hopefully helpful, she asked if she could have a badge too.

The next day, she then recruited friends at her primary school in Lytham, to become Camerados, using her lunchtime break to talk to children that were on their own or who looked a bit sad.

Camerados Development Manager, Sarah Mortimer, said: “We’re so pleased that young people also connect with the movement of looking out for each other.

“School children taking it upon themselves to combat loneliness at school is remarkable.

“We think Maia is amazing for recruiting more Camerados in the world!”

The Camerados team sent a lovely thank you card and more badges to give to her new recruits.

Maia’s special delivery

Maia’s mum, Alma Stewart, said: “It’s amazing that she has just done this off her own back – I’m very proud of her.

“It’s great that people of all ages and walks of life buy into the Camerados’ ethos, but especially the young.

“I hope Maia continues to think that kindness and helping others are the best qualities you can have.”

The Camerados tepee will be open in the main entrance of Blackpool Victoria Hospital until Monday July 24.


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