Join the Bench

The Corporate Bench is open to all staff groups at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. It enables workers to complete shifts across all divisions, providing greater opportunities to gain experience and enhance their development in different work environments.

The Corporate Bench may suit people who cannot commit to a regular pattern of working from one week to the next, or those who find it difficult to find posts that provide the flexibility to suit them. The Corporate Bench also suits individuals who wish to gain experience in different clinical areas or alternatively, would like to work extra hours.

The Corporate bench is beneficial for departmental managers to ensure continuity of service delivery and to develop and retain staff for hard to fill vacancies across the Trust.

We are always looking to recruit to the Corporate Bench, whether its current substantive staff interested in working more hours or external staff who would like to work solely through the Corporate Bench.

- Flexible hours to suit you

- Optional weekly pay

- Gain experience in a variety of specialties

-Variety of work in all clinical areas/settings

- Work shifts which fit in with your personal circumstances

- Keep your skills up to date. Many nurses join the Bench if working in the private sector or non-acute area to ensure they maintain their skills

- Learn new skills. Many student nurses join the Bench in order to gain numerous skills and experience which in turn, helps them with their training.

Recruitment Procedure

If you are not already employed by the Trust, you will need to apply externally. Corporate Bench positions are advertised on the NHS Jobs and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust websites. Shortlisting, assessments and interviews are facilitated by the Corporate Bench team, utilising relevant clinical and department staff. To view our available positions, please use the links below. Alternatively, get in touch with your details and we will contact you.

If you are a substantive member of the Trust, we can usually recruit you internally. In order to join the Bench via this method, please download the below form and have it signed by your line manager. Return the completed form to the Bench office and we will contact you once your new Bench post has been set up.