Roster Approval Dates

4 weekly Roster Start DateOpen to requests onClosed to requests onRoster Partially Approved by Roster ManagerRoster Fully Approved by "Roster Approver" & Published to Staff/Audit trail initiatedRoster Publication Deadline in line with Trust Policy
1st May 201715th January 20175th March 201713th March 201719th March 201720th March 2017
29th May 201712th February 20172nd April 201710th April 201716th April 201717th April 2017
26th June 201712th March 201730th April 20178th May 201714th May 201715th May 2017
24th July 20179th April 201728th May 20175th June 201711th June 201712th June 2017
21st August 20177th May 201725th June 20173rd July 20179th July 201710th July 2017
18th September 20174th June 201723rd July 201731st July 20176th August 20177th August 2017
10th October 20172nd July 201720th August 201728th August 20173rd September 20174th September 2017
13th November 201730th July 201717th September 201725th September 20171st October 20172nd October 2017
11th December 201727th August 201715th October 201723rd October 201729th October 201730th October 2017
8th January 201824th September 201712th November 201720th November 201726th November 201727th November 2017
5th February 201822nd October 201710th December 201718th December 201724th December 201725th December 2017
5th March 201819th November 20177th January 201815th January 201821st January 201822nd January 2018
2nd April 201817th December 20174th February 201812th February 201818th February 201819th February 2018
30th April 201814th January 20184th March 201812th March 201818th March 201819th March 2018
28th May 201811th February 20181st April 20189th April 201815th April 201816th April 2018
25th June 201811th March 201829th April 20187th May 201813th May 201814th May 2018