GP-ST Trainees

Sea wall and beachWhy come to Blackpool?

The BLACKPOOL GP Specialty Training Course is renowned for friendliness and good social life both within the hospital community and in Blackpool town. Our well established training scheme offers rotations including A&E, general medicine specialties, care of the elderly, O&G, paediatrics and psychiatry. Other specialties include ENT, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, GUM medicine and palliative care.

Throughout the ST1 and ST2 period there is a weekly GP orientated teaching programme at the Education Centre. As well as a focused GP Specialty Programme, it is an opportunity to get to know your fellow Blackpool trainees.

In addition, you are encouraged to use study leave to spend time in your training practice. In your ST3 GP registrar year, there is a weekly day release to the GP course held at Blackpool. At the start of your ST3 year there is a two day local Induction Course. This is not in a hospital setting and is an opportunity to bond and make new friends.

Our Blackpool scheme is well established. All training tracks include 18 months in general practice. The first 6 months of which are in ST1 or ST2 in a variety of practices. Some of these are innovative posts, which give you an opportunity to get experience in genito-urinary medicine, palliative care or in the acute admissions clinical decisions unit.

What and Who else is at the Education Centre for GP Specialty Trainees?

  • We have a Buddy System linking each ST1 trainee with an ST2 buddy.
  • Yvonne Coyle is your GP Co-ordinator at HPEC; Yvonne is a key person and is much more than just organiser, secretary and problem solver.
  • The other GP Facilitators in the Education Centre are:
    • Dr. Allison Rees, Training Programme Director
    • Dr. Ruth Cronin, Primary Care Medical Educator
    • Dr. Adam Daruzzaman, Primary Care Medical Educator

All run the programme at Blackpool and are local GP trainers, ready to help and support you.