Our programme allows the Trust to give assurance, and ensure compliance, with its statutory and regulatory obligations.  Plus, it meets the requirements set by HENW and the GMC regarding promoting excellence in standards for medical education and training.

The induction is designed to:
  • Smooth the transition from University to Hospital
  • Provide on-ward experience of your first placement
  • Complete Clinical Skills training
  • Get to know your role
  • Introduce you to the team hosting and supporting your training over the next 2 years

Whilst we strongly recommend that you attend the full induction you are not required under the Terms of Employment to attend any of the voluntary period offered.

Foundation Induction

Our 2022 FY1 Induction Programme was as below, information on the 2023 programme will be uploaded in the coming months and is scheduled for week commencing 24th July 2023.

Preparation for Professional Practice…