Why Not Home? Why Not Today?

You can help by playing your part in our Why Not Home? Why Not Today? campaign.

We have devised a simple checklist of things that we can and should do to support patients on discharge into our Trust’s Community Services:

  1. Enable the patient or family to administer Dalteparin or other injectables where possible and if this is not possible consider, where clinically indicated, giving the dose prior to discharge so the first community visit can be the day following discharge.
  2. Demonstrate basic care to those with catheters including how to connect and change leg bags.
  3. For patients who previously self-administered insulin, check that they plan to continue to do this post discharge avoiding the need for a referral.
  4. If a patient requires eye drops administering, please ensure all avenues have been explored such as use of a dropper, family/friends, care agency before requesting District Nurse support.
  5. Replenish syringe drivers prior to discharge to allow a wider window to plan the first community visit.
  6. Provide a minimum of five days’ dressings and catheter supplies to allow time for a community prescription to be made and delivered.
  7. Prior to discharging and referring on bank holidays and weekends please could a phone call be made to ensure any tasks required are able to be undertaken:Fylde and Wyre Teams are available via switchboard to an administration point
    Blackpool Teams via a single point of access on 955505

A good referral and smooth transfer of care gives our patients and families a better experience, increases efficient use of limited resources and significantly reduces the chance of people re-presenting at hospital or primary care. Helping patients to remain as independent as possible will reduce the demand on the Trust’s community services.