Wendy goes the extra mile

Wendy Canning receiving her award

Wendy Canning receiving her award

A member of the Trust’s Clinical Improvement Team was the first winner of a new staff award.

Wendy Canning won the new “Going the Extra Mile” award which recognises colleagues who look out for each other across the whole Trust. It is for someone who has gone the extra mile to support a colleague individually or someone who goes out of their way to look after others.

Wendy provided much needed support for her colleague, sensitively looking after her best interests when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

This brand new award was launched in line with the with the “You don’t seem yourself” initiative and is in memory of late nurse Jane Clough.

Jane Clough was a member of staff who suffered from domestic violence and this ultimately led to her untimely death.

The aim of the “You Don’t Seem Yourself” scheme is for colleagues to look out for each other and try to spot signs of problems that may be affecting their friends. It could be domestic abuse, financial problems or family stress for example but by looking out for possible problems more serious health issues could be avoided.

John Clough, Jane’s father, said: “It is humbling that Jane’s memory still lives amongst her colleagues and she is being remembered in this way.

“I congratulate the Trust for introducing their campaign and congratulate Wendy for providing amazing care for a colleague.”

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