Long Covid

Long Covid

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Click on the names below to meet our colleagues in the Long Covid team:
Meet the teams at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Dr Joanne Sanderson

    Role: Principal Clinical Psychologist

    About: Dr Joanne Sanderson is an experienced Clinical Psychologist and is a specialist in Physical Health Clinical Psychology.  She has extensive experience leading and delivering psychology services within various physical health departments, including Cardiology, Surgery, Pain Management, Dermatology and Chronic Fatigue Services.  Dr Sanderson currently works within the Long Covid Service at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust.  She is passionate about team working within the NHS and sees psychology as an important component of this for patients living with challenging physical health conditions or facing challenging treatments.

    Dr Sanderson trained at Lancaster University (DCLinPsych), qualifying in 2003 after 10 years in the NHS, and has nearly 30 years experience in the NHS.  Dr Sanderson has maintained links with psychology training in the North West, supervising clinical psychologists in training, and has valued psychology links across the country.  Dr Sanderson is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council that regulates psychologists.

    Her research interests have been the psychological impacts of physical health treatments and related considerations for psychologically-informed patient care.  Dr Sanderson is looking forward to research opportunities with the Long Covid specialism and feels privileged to be contributing to the evolving knowledge of this new condition.