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The department has been administering intensive chemotherapy for acute leukaemia and high dose therapy for stem cell transplantation to local patients for over 20 years.

In response to the Improving Outcomes Guidance for Haemato-Oncology 2003 the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network (LSCCN) decided that the Clinical Haematology department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital would become the regional Tertiary Haematology Centre with a view to undertaking all the intensive treatment of acute leukaemia and autologous stem cell transplants for the entire network.

Outside Blackpool such treatments had been undertaken in Manchester for many years.  With pump-priming funds from LSCCN the Haematology Ward was rebuilt to increase the number of side rooms include those with ensuite facilities and increase medical and nursing staff.

Since 2003, the unit had undertaken autologous stem cell transplants on several patients with lymphoma from Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust.  In September 2007 with the completion of the new ward, the unit was able to accept all referrals for autologous transplantation for multiple myeloma and lymphoma from these Trusts.  Since late 2008 the unit has also been accepting increasing referrals from East Lancashire Hospitals Trust.

The Haematology Day Unit was relocated in 2013 and is now much larger and more spacious and has a dedicated room for Apheresis. The research nursing team has expanded to allow entry into the vast majority of Haematological trials.

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