ERCP stands for endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography and it is a test that uses a type of X-ray.

An ERCP allows your Doctor to take detailed X-rays of the bile duct and/or pancreas. It is used to diagnose and treat problems with your biliary system.

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What to expect

    After you arrive on the ward, a doctor will be available to discuss your test in further detail. Blood tests, the signing of the consent form and any relevant X-rays will be taken. To allow a clear view, the stomach and duodenum must be empty which is why you are asked not to eat or drink before the test.

    Before the test, your doctor will give you an injection in your arm to make you drowsy and feel relaxed for the test. During the test, your doctor will take a detailed X-ray of the bile duct and/or pancreas using a flexible tube with a bright light on the end.

    A nurse will be with you at all times.

After the Test

    An overnight stay is required to enable a full preparation and recovery from the test.