I would like an Early Parenthood Nurse

Your midwife or other professional who is working with you may ask you if you would like support from our service.

They will talk to you about our service and ask for your consent before they ask for support for you. If you have read this information and think you may like to have an Early Parenthood Nurse, please talk to your midwife or other professional.

If you would like to ask one of our nurses for more information and to discuss what support, we can offer you please do contact us by phone or email:

What Happens Next?

Your request for support will be discussed by a panel including an Early Parenthood Nurse, Midwife and Early Help worker to ensure our service is the right one for you.  If we feel we are the best service at this time to offer you support, one of the nurses will contact you by phone to arrange to meet with you to introduce herself and discuss more about the service and make a plan for ongoing visits, if that is what you wish.

If we feel that a different service would be more appropriate, we will advise the person who requested the support and they will contact you to discuss the suggestion of a more appropriate service and if you would like to be considered for that service.