Patient and Relative Video Call System
In March 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation took the decision to restrict visiting to the hospital to support infection prevention and control procedures.

This was a huge change to our normal operations and had a significant and distressing impact upon patients, loved ones and staff. Therefore it was critical that the Digital Health team found a safe and secure digital solution to allow loved ones make contact with in-patients.

Due to the rapidly escalating situation of the pandemic we initially deployed smart phones enabled with WhatsApp onto the wards. Over time, we then improved the service by using tablets on trolleys and using Attend Anywhere video consultation software to connect patients and loved ones.

We offered training to ward staff, both socially distanced face to face and via e-learning and we produced useful quick reference guides and videos for busy ward staff to refer to when on the wards. We also created a video especially designed for the public to explain how to connect to a video conversation with their loved one.

Check out the video below: