Our World

Our Purpose

To evolve a caring, safe and respectful digitally-enabled workplace and population, filled with Digital Practitioners and Citizens which is digitally inclusive and expanding.

Winner - Technology and Data in Nursing, Nursing Times Award 2019

Winner – Innovation Award, Informatics Skills Development Network 2019

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Our Story

Trinity Hospice had an increasing caseload with a finite team of specialist nurses. In collaboration with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, The Hamptons Nursing Home and Sandycroft Nursing Home, they introduced weekly virtual clinics.

Over a seven month period, 501 hours of clinical time was saved by reducing wasted travel time and over £12,000 of savings were made with an 88% increase in efficiency being achieved. Feedback from patients has been very positive of the new way of working and the project has enabled closer collaboration between partner organisations.

This innovative, digital system revolutionised patient care and improved effective use of time and resources, won two awards in 2019.

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