Trust plays a major role in new education book

Library manager Debra Thornton promoting the new book in the library.

THE Trust’s simulation and skills unit features in a new book about learning through simulation practice in healthcare.

Mike Dickinson, clinical skills and simulation manager was heavily involved in the publication of the “How To’’ book from his experiences in Preston and Blackpool hospitals.

Mike said: “This is the first book I have had involvement with publishing. I have had various articles published in national and international journals but this is the first book I have been involved with writing.

“Dr Mike Davies who is one of the co- authors, was approached by ‘How to’ three years ago and asked about producing a book about simulation in healthcare.

“There are various contributors to the book from Blackpool, including Joanne Halliwell and Mr Simon Tucker. There are also a number of images of the simulation and skills unit included in the book.

“The book can be used as a reference tool for people to understand and learn about simulated based medical education and we intend to suggest its use as a reference tool for our in house faculty development courses.

“It is a useful resource to those who don’t know much about simulation, as the book gives a thorough insight on the use of simulation as an educational tool and covers various aspects including scenario design and mapping as well as educational theory and multidisciplinary training programmes”.

Library manager, Debra Thornton, said: “This fascinating book gives a valuable insight into the variety of practical applications for the use of simulation in the education of healthcare staff.

“It covers learning theory and human factors as well as the practical aspects of setting up and running a Simulation Centre. The case studies cover a wide range of the different uses of simulation – whether in a dedicated sim suite or in the clinical or emergency setting.

“But this book also shows us the ‘behind the scenes’ work of the Simulation Teams here at Blackpool and elsewhere in developing curricula and designing scenarios and assessment criteria.

“The book is now available in the library and I think it is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand how Technology Enhanced Learning, such as Simulation, will enhance the education of our future workforce and ultimately improve patient safety”.

The book is available nationally and it can also be accessed as an e book via the Wiley web site – – a 20% reduction is available if you use code VBP48.

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