Trust Health Informatics team receive Hackathon prize

The Health Informatics in-house development team and programme team as a collaboration with BDS and Sitekit has won the Chairman’s Choice award from the NHS England Chief Technology Officer, David Turner at the Staff Access Hackathon held by Interopen

INTEROPen is an open collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers, who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development and implementation of open standards for interoperability in the UK health and social care ecosystem.

The hackathon was a call to industry and NHS developers to demonstrate how systems access can be improved across the NHS as it can take several weeks for new starters to receive access to systems and physical locations once they’ve started, causing many clinical impacts.  This hackathon was part of the Provisioning and Systems Access Alpha Programme which is being led by Phil Graham, Digital Programme Director and Andrew Temple, Digital Programme Manager on behalf of NHSE and is creating an interoperable eco-system of capabilities which will utilize trusted data to enable the rapid provisioning and systems and physical location access, reducing it from weeks to hours, as part of an improved onboarding process.

Our in-house development team Hameed Mamaniat, Lead Products and Systems Architect;  Christopher Whyte, Senior Health Informatics Developer; and Martyn McKechnie, head of digital identity and systems administration, worked with BDS and Sitekit to deploy technology which  demonstrated how a fully ID checked and trained new starter could immediately receive a systems access credential in their digital staff passport application on their smartphone, secured with a pin and/or biometric which enabled access to both NPR systems and the ICS Shared Care Record

This critical piece of innovation acts as a proof point which paves the way for an NHS-wide ability for users to be able to be rapidly issued secure access to local and central clinical and workforce systems directly to their smartphone, without the need for physical appointments, passwords to remember or smart cards to carry.

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