Trust and Council work together to help youngsters learn

A PARTNERSHIP between the Trust and Blackpool Council has helped youngsters in the Happy Days Emergency Childcare Club with their learning.

Staff in HPEC approached the Trust’s IT department to see if they could use computers to access online learning material such as the BBC Byte Size programme but due to security and IG issues this was difficult.

But Shaun Bucknill and his team contacted their counterparts at Blackpool Council and they came to the rescue. Shaun said: “We approached Tony Doyle and ICT at the council and they loaned us 15 Chromebooks that connect to the NHS Public wi-fi system to access the training material that was asked for.

“Their support means the children can now access what they need. It’s been great to see everyone come together to support the children with their education. It has also shown how we have had secondary use of the national investment that was made into public wi-fi.’’

Tony Doyle, Head of IT at Blackpool Council, said: “We have a really good way of creating an environment where young people can get on the internet and it is at times like this we pull together.

“It’s great that we can help the youngsters in such a way at this time.’’

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