The right time and plaice for kind donation to hospital ward

Staff from Ward 26 with the donation certificate

A generous donation from local fishmongers was given to a ward at Blackpool Victoria Hospital to praise hard working staff.

Kildavanan Seafoods Limited from Fleetwood wanted to give a donation of £350 to Ward 26 after seeing ward staff complete the Memory Walk in Blackpool in September.

Gemma Smith, Ward Manager, said: “The donation was given to us specifically to buy toiletries for patients on the ward as many come without any belongings.

“Some of our team completed the Memory Walk and we raised £130 to the Alzheimer’s Society which was fantastic.

“We are always looking at ways to enhance patient care on our wards and we are delighted to have extra funds to make a difference to our patients.

“We can give our ladies a lovely bubble bath and pamper them more now which is fantastic.

“I am very grateful for this act of kindness and I know it will make a huge difference to the care we can offer to our patients.

“We are always delighted to receive the gifts and donations on our ward and the generosity people have is so overwhelming.”

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