Steph steps up for second London marathon

Steph Pashley

A Blackpool therapist is gearing up to run to London Marathon for the second time in four years.

Steph Pashley, 31, works at Blackpool Victoria Hospital as an occupational therapist and is now fundraising for the London Marathon- but this time has some records to beat.

She said: “I am raising money for CLIC Sargent Charity and Teenage Cancer Trust. These are two charities which are important to me and I am running in memory of my late friend Kim Rossall – who sadly died of cancer at the age of 21 in 2012.

“I ran in Kim’s memory the first time I completed the marathon in 2013 and I am doing the same this year too – but I want to challenge myself to raise as much as possible and to beat my time.

“The charities are brilliant in supporting young people and their families during very dark times and I am delighted to be raising funds for great causes.

“I was so shocked to find I had been selected to run the London Marathon again! I have applied each year since 2013 and I feel really lucky to have this opportunity.

“For me, doing something so big like this, I have to do it thinking of others. Kim is definitely a driving force for me to get through the finish line.”

Steph finished her first marathon with the time of 5hrs,12 minutes, 12 seconds and now wants to finish the race with a time under five hours.

She has been training four times a week and challenging herself to work as hard as possible.

“I feel in a better place this time round. I feel confident and very prepared for what’s in store,’’ she said.

“The support I have received from friends, family and colleagues has been fantastic!

“My fundraising is going really well and I hope to match the funds I made on my first marathon with was £1,500.

“This is definitely the last time I do a marathon! But I am so grateful to have been able to run the London Marathon twice!”

To donate on Steph’s fundraising page, use this link:


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