Staff to benefit from new training course

Mark Hatch in his simulation role

The Trust’s Simulation and Skills department has received positive feedback from a new training course available to staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.

The faculty development course was set up and organised by Clinical Skills Manager, Mike Dickinson and Simulation Lead, Mark Hatch.

The course is open to any professional at the Trust who wants to know more about simulation based learning and covers all aspects of simulation based education.

Staff who have an interest in simulation and teaching have the opportunity to attend the faculty development course to gain an insight into constructing a scenario, facilitating and debriefing the session.

Mark Hatch said: “We are encouraging members of teams such as doctors, nurses and allied health professionals from junior to senior level to attend. This will lead to better practice in clinical environments and makes sense to work in teams, practicing skills and communication.

“It is better for staff to who work together to train together as part of their Multi Disciplinary Team  (MDT) as they do in courses such as ALS.

“It benefits the staff to gain confidence and utilise the skills they gain from faculty training, especially for those with an interest in developing the use of simulation in their own areas of practice.

“The training will provide staff with the tools and the theory around learner styles, so staff can learn how to facilitate similar simulation sessions relevant to their area of work.

“The Simulation centre is open to all staff in the Trust. The team provide a variety of courses and want to promote the use of simulation for staff to develop their skills in patient safety and human factor training.

“In our future sessions we will be running a simulation scenario to provide the skills to process a communication or clinical based scenario which can be adapted to simulation and also clinical areas.

“We focus on the safety of patients and staff, and get staff to run and debrief scenarios to help them take control of their learning”.

The feedback overall from the first session has been very positive and well received.

Attendees will be on the course for a full day and will receive a certificate accredited by the North- West simulation education network. The course runs every three months, the next session is on the 9th of April.

Please contact Mark Hatch for more details:  EX-56891

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