Staff sign up to innovative infection prevention ambassador scheme

MORE than 250 staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have signed up to an innovative scheme to combat the threat of Covid infections.

The Trust has launched an Infection Prevention and Control Ambassadors programme for all members of staff across the Trust to provide up to date training and support on infection prevention measures in their own departments.

The ambassadors will also be key to educating and supporting their colleagues about the correct procedures in terms of wearing the correct PPE in their respective environments and providing knowledge of the latest infection prevention control measures.

Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality at the Trust, Peter Murphy, said: “With COVID it has never been more important for staff to understand and follow the correct infection prevention and control measures to protect their patients, themselves, their colleagues and their families.

“We know we need to educate and at times we need to challenge where measures are not as good as they could be and that is the remit of the ambassadors.

“I am delighted that we have seen so many staff across all levels and departments sign up to become an ambassador to help provide best practice across the organisation to keep people as safe as possible.’’

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