Show patience and kindness says Dr Jim

The Medical Director of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals has called for patience and kindness as the NHS faces extraordinary pressure.

Dr Jim Gardner has released a video message which asks communities to understand the pressures staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals are under and that being kind and positive can help produce better outcomes for patients in healthcare systems.

Dr Gardner said: “Be thoughtful about the enormous pressure that NHS staff and community care staff are under at this time.

“We’re experiencing extraordinary pressure and I know that everybody really is doing their best to go the extra mile and work very hard but we need we need people to understand the pressure.

“Please be patient if you feel that you’re being kept waiting longer than you would like and if you do see some great care, some great practice, to think about saying thank you to the staff who are doing their utmost to look after you.

“It means such a lot to everybody to get a bit of positive feedback, and some nice thanks. We know from a healthcare system the evidence is compelling that systems who are kind and thoughtful to each other actually perform better, we get better outcomes for poorly patients so this is a request for a bit of patience and kindness.”

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