Senior Collaborative Leadership Programme Success

Member of the Senior Collaborative Leaders course

The Trust’s latest Senior Collaborative Leadership Programme has been a great success.

Leaders from a range of disciplines across the Trust took part in the third cohort of the programme which is designed to provide the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ with delegates gaining the opportunity to develop their strategic leadership knowledge and skills and strengthen their capacity to lead with care and compassion whilst engaging teams and delivering results in challenging times.

The 12 month programme consists of nine core modules with delegates attending one session a month with some additional half-day ‘applied learning’ sessions.

Each delegate has to undertake an individual project which is presented at a final Celebration Event.

Karen Crowshaw, Interim Chair, presented the certificates at the event.

She said: “The feedback from the delegates was fantastic. All the projects they presented were extremely valuable and I hope they are seen through to their conclusions.

“Our jobs are all about putting the patients first and this course really stresses that and gives us the resilience and the belief to make things that we want to happen for our patients happen.’’

She added: “The programme covers every aspect of what we want. We want people to be ambitious about their development in challenging times. We want to help and support our leaders to be at the forefront of leading change and helping us through those challenges and pressures.’’

Karen also thanked Anna White from Oakridge and Sam Landon for organising the Programme, Andrea Whitfield and Sharon Adams.

Anna said: “The delegates have put their heart and soul into the programme and their individual projects and they should feel proud of their achievements. The aim is to take the learning from the programme and continue and develop their careers.’’


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