Self Care Week 2022

Colleagues are being encouraged to take care of their own health and wellbeing as part of national Self Care Week (14-20 November).

There are things you can all do to improve your physical and mental wellbeing and incorporating the practise of self care into your everyday lives can help you to live as healthily as possible. And there’s evidence that suggests being as healthy as you can also helps you to better cope with life’s many challenges.

To mark the week a series of information videos have been created featuring facts about common illnesses that can easily be treated at home. The list includes hot baths and some over-the-counter pain killers for colds, honey and lemon in warm water for coughs, olive oil in the ears to help with build up of ear wax and even exercises on how to improve balance if you’re unsteady on your feet. They give information on how long the illness should last and at what point you should consider seeking medical advice from your doctor. Please do share these with family, friends and even let your patients know about them where applicable.

The videos will be shared on the Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board’s website – – and social media throughout the week along with other tips and some facts about self care.

The Trust will also be posting it’s own handy hints for colleagues so please keep an eye out on the BTH Staff Facebook group and please feel free to post your own self care hints and tips.

Some other top-tips for self care week include:

  • Consider taking vitamin D supplements, especially if you’re unable to get outside regularly
  • Boost your immunity with good nutrition and regular exercise
  • Support your mental wellness by keeping connected to friends and family
  • Note your daily achievements and celebrate the little things
  • Learn something new every day and take time to notice the world around you
  • Get plenty of fresh air

The Self Care Forum also has some useful fact sheets that are available to download.

The important thing to remember is, practising self care is something we all need to do every day. For ourselves, for our families and for our patients.

You can download a Teams background to use this week here.

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