Safecare roll-out team thanked

A team at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has been praised for rolling out essential new software

Jed Walton-Pollard, right, and part of the team who have received a Going The Extra Mile award at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

A team responsible for rolling out new staffing software to the Trust’s clinical nursing wards has been presented with a Going The Extra Mile Award.

Jed Walton-Pollard, the Trust’s Deputy Director of Nursing, was nominated with his team by colleague Natalie Hill for their work on implementing and rolling out Safecare.

Safecare is used to help determine safe staffing levels for the organisation, and the health roster team has been rolling it out since January 2020 with training taking place over the last 12 months.

Jed oversaw crucial activity including leading a Task and Finish Group with divisional representatives and producing a policy for staff to follow.

In her nomination, Natalie Hill explained: “Jed has supported my team with the implementation and rollout of Safecare to the clinical nursing wards across the trust.

“Jed has remained the clinical voice for our system and been instrumental in the project gaining momentum so from the e-Rostering team a huge thank you Jed!”

He was quick to point out that the Going The Extra Mile Award recognises the whole team, including Jason Flannigan-Salmon, Samantha Drury, Louise Dowell, Trish Trench and Andrew Heath.

Jed said: “It’s very nice to be nominated, but I couldn’t have done it and couldn’t have got us where we’ve got to without the Task and Finish Group.

“I’d particularly like to thank the e-Rostering team, assistant divisional directors, and directors of nursing for their support for the implementation of the project.”

Going The Extra Mile is an initiative designed to help staff highlight the incredible work that goes on in the Trust every day.

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