Blackpool radiology teams receive moral-boosting sweet treats

Members of the Radiology team being ‘mugged’

Members of the radiology team are ‘being mugged’ to help improve team working and staff morale in the department.

An internet story which featured in various radiology departments across the UK was noticed by CT manager Jenny Unsworth who wanted to try out the idea.

The recognition scheme sees members of staff being rewarded for the job they are doing by a colleague dropping off a cup full of treats with a note on it.

Jenny Unsworth said: “As part of our Radiology Department Continuous Quality Improvement Programme we have been utilising various ways to improve communication and morale within the team.

“We wanted a way to recognise all of the staff who perform so many varied roles in our team.

“This seemed like a simple but effective way to build team morale, recognise great work and reward success in a fun way and links in with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement initiative to improve ‘Joy at Work’.

“The purpose is for staff to recognise their peers for the great work they do and to brighten up the working day! We have asked staff to tweet us a picture of the mug (or themselves) to our Twitter page @BTHRadiology.

“We are hoping that this will help to improve moral and team working across the department and it is already proving a success.”


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