Pre-Induction: Welcome


Welcome to the team!

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and thank you personally for choosing Blackpool as your employer of choice. We are an integrated care organisation providing a diverse range of services to the population of North Lancashire including Lancaster and surrounding areas alongside Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.

Working in the NHS can be challenging and tough as it is constantly under public scrutiny. However it is most exciting and rewarding especially when you discover how your contribution, no matter how small you feel it is, makes a big difference to the experiences of our patients.

With this in mind we want our staff to be the best they can be whilst at work and in doing so we will do the best we can to support your enthusiasm, development and well-being.

Here at the Trust we pride ourselves in our core values which are:

People-centred – this means:

  • Always patient focused
  • Always a team player
  • Always honest
  • Always striving to communicate effectively

Excellence – this means:

  • Always doing our best for patients and colleagues
  • Always appreciating the efforts of others
  • Always taking responsibility for our own actions
  • Always seeking opportunities to make improvements

Positive – this means:

  • Always being positive in order to reassure patients
  • Always thinking about the impact of our own behavior on others

Compassion – this means:

  • Always showing empathy
  • Always seeking to understand how others are feeling

Here at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we believe that patients and staff are at the heart of everything that we do no matter what role we undertake. Caring for patients, their families and carers and each other is much more than just providing excellence in clinical care, it is also about ‘how we are’ and ‘how we behave’.

Our Workforce Strategy is underpinned by the Trust core values and exists to guide the continuous review and implementation of a number of key work streams including the following:

  • Attract, Recruit and Retain our Workforce.
  • Effective Leadership, Engagement and Accountability.
  • Versatility of our Workforce to Realign and Transform as Services Change
  • Embed the values into how we behave and lead
  • Care for the Health and Wellbeing of our staff.

We really hope you enjoy your time here and get involved in creating a great place to work. Please let us know your ideas for improvement so we continually improve how we work; ensuring the delivery of our mission of Together We Care which will support the provision of the best experience possible for our patients.

Your career with us starts today. Over the coming weeks you will complete your induction and in the year have a specific meeting with your manager so that you can discover how well you are getting on. Each year you will need to ensure that you undertake any relevant Mandatory training that is essential for you to make sure you, your colleagues and patients can always be kept safe.

View the Staff Handbook.