Please get behind your NHS in coronavirus fight

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals chief, Kevin McGee, has asked people to get behind their NHS in the fight against coronavirus.

Mr McGee, Chief Executive of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, today praised staff and thanked both patients and the wider public for their support.

CEO Kevin McGee

“Firstly I want to thank all our staff,” he said. “The NHS nationally and here at the Trust, are working tirelessly to protect our communities and the people we serve.

“Blackpool Teaching Hospitals staff are wonderful and professional and we owe them a great debt.

“It is really important that you have confidence in your hospitals. We are here for you and we will look after you in your time of need. But you also need to help us, we need you to get behind your NHS.

“That means asking you to look after your health and follow the Public Health messages, such as washing your hands and social distancing and isolation.”

Mr McGee said social isolation for the over 70s was absolutely vital.

“If we get that right we will reduce the pressure on our services. It will keep our communities safer and it will reduce the burden on our staff.

“The next few months will be difficult, but we will come out of this,” he added. “We will come out of this stronger as communities, as the NHS and Blackpool Hospitals will come out of it stronger than ever.

“We understand things are tough at the moment and we want to thank our patients and the wider community for the support they have given so far.”

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