Patient Leaflets

DepartmentLeaflet Title
Alcohol Liaison ServiceYour Ascites Management Plan
Alcohol Liaison ServiceAlcohol Liaison Service
Alcohol Liaison ServiceDrink Less See More Of Life
Alcohol Liaison ServiceSupported Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment Information
Bereavement SupportInformation for Bereaved Relatives and Friends - Community Services
Bereavement SupportInformation for Bereaved Relatives and Friends - Victoria Hospital & Clifton Hospital
Brain Injury ServicesCommunity Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service - Working to help those with an acquired brain injury and their families - CLIENT INFORMATION PACK
Brain Injury ServicesBrain Injury Service
CardiologyPatient Anaemia Record
CardiologyCardiac Surgery - Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Diary
CardiologyCardiomemo Recorder
CardiologyTransthoracic Echocardiograph
CardiologyDiary for Enhanced Recovery After Thoracic Surgery
Cardiology24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
CardiologyTranscatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
CardiologyPost Operative Confusion
CardiologyOccupational Therapy
CardiologyAmbulatory ECG Recording
CardiologyPain Relief
CardiologyAdvice for Patients Recovering from a Heart Attack
CardiologyAdvice for Patients having Open Heart Surgery
Child Health ServicesTransition - Moving into Adult Care
Child Health ServicesGeneral Anaesthesia - A brief guide for young people
Child Health ServicesThe Charter of Promises
Child Health ServicesPaediatric Outreach Community Service
Child Health ServicesBirth to Five
Child Health ServicesTop Tips For Talking to Young Patients
Child Health ServicesRees Bear has an anaesthetic - A story for younger children about having an anaesthetic
Child Health ServicesNeonatal Outreach Community Service
Child Health ServicesLet's get poo in the loo
Child Health ServicesDavy the Detective: finding out about anaesthetics
Child Health ServicesBronchiolitis in Children
Child Health ServicesChildrens Assessment Unit
Child Health ServicesEarly Onset Neonatal Infection
Child Health ServicesSerial Casting - Paediatric Physiotherapy
Child Health ServicesInhaler Discharge Plan
Children - CAMHSCAMHS - A Guide for Children, Young people, parents and carers
Children - CAMHSIntroduction to CAMHS
Children - CAMHSFamily Therapy Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
Children - Connect CounsellingConnect Counselling Service
Children - Connect CounsellingYoutherapY
Children - Health Visiting and School NursingUniversal School Nursing
Children - Health Visiting and School NursingPotty Training
Clinical GovernanceHow to help keep yourself safe
Clinical Governance DirectorateAbout the Consent Form
Clinical Support Services DivisionBlackpool Victoria Hospital Outpatients’ Department
Community NursingCommunity Dressing Service
Community NursingCOPD Homecare - Lancaster and Morecambe
Community NursingYou and the Specialist Bed / Mattress
Community NursingLeg Ulcer and Chronic Wound Clinic
Continence ServiceTake Control Of Your Bladder And Bowel
Corporate SevicesJoin our community - Together we CAN make a difference
DermatologyPatch Testing
DermatologySkin Surgery Skin Surgery Information for Patients
DermatologyPhotodynamic Therapy
DermatologyYour Liquid Nitrogen Treatment
DermatologyPUVA Treatment
DermatologyUVB Therapy
DermatologyWound care advice after skin surgery
DermatologyTreatment with Botox
DieteticsPatient Initiated Follow Up Appointments (PIFU)
DieteticsWhat to expect when you see a Dietitian
DieteticsEatwell Guide
DieteticsPoor Appetitie
DieteticsBDA - Food Fact Sheet - Malnutrition
Early Supported Discharge TeamInformation Leaflet for Patients and Carers
Emergency DepartmentRecovering from an Acute Wrist Injury
Emergency DepartmentInformation for Parents when your Child is Transferred to Royal Preston Hospital
Emergency DepartmentButton Battery Ingestion
Emergency DepartmentEpitaxis or Nose Bleeds
Emergency DepartmentHigh Temperature Child
Emergency DepartmentFor Parents looking after a Child with Dressings on Burns or Scalds
Emergency DepartmentRecovering from Shoulder Injury
Emergency DepartmentWoundcare
Emergency DepartmentRecovering from an Acute Knee Injury
Emergency DepartmentTetanus Prevention
Emergency DepartmentPlaster Care
Emergency DepartmentFor Parents looking after a Child with a Broken Wrist / Forearm
Emergency DepartmentLooking after a Child with a Head Injury
Emergency DepartmentRecovering from a Head Injury
Emergency DepartmentWhen in Acute Low Back Pain
Emergency DepartmentMallet Finger
Emergency DepartmentTrauma and Serious Injuries
Emergency DepartmentAttending the Emergency Department
Emergency DepartmentInstructions for Patients with Neck Pain
Emergency DepartmentThe Use of Ice at Home for Injuries
Emergency DepartmentRecovering from an Acute Ankle Injury
Emergency DepartmentFor Parents looking after a Child who has just received Immunisation
Emergency DepartmentLooking after a Child with a Bite or Sting
Emergency DepartmentFor Parents looking after a Child with a Fractured Humerus
Emergency DepartmentFor Parents looking after a Child with Broken Fingers or Toes
Emergency DepartmentFor Parents looking after a Child with a Broken Collar Bone
Emergency DepartmentUse of Crutches
End of Life CareWhen Someone is Dying - NESCN South Cumbria
End of Life CareNo Decision Without me. Your Palliative Care Record (EPaCCS)
End of Life CareBereavement Card
End of Life CareCommunication Booklet for care in the last days and hours of life
End of Life CarePlan of Care in the Last Days and Hours of Life
Extensive Care ServiceA Guide to the Extensive Care Service
Facilities DirectorateTravel Information - Victoria Hospital
GastroenterologyEndoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)
GastroenterologyColonic Dilatation Leaflet
GastroenterologyHaving a Gastroscopy
GastroenterologyOesophageal Dilatation
GastroenterologyHaving a Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy with Moviprep
GastroenterologyHaving a Gastroscopy as an Inpatient
GastroenterologyArgon Beam Plasma Coagulation
GastroenterologyEndoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatogram (ERCP)
GastroenterologyHaving a Gastroscopy and Sigmoidoscopy with Moviprep
GastroenterologyHaving a PEG
GastroenterologyInformation following your
Endoscopy Procedure
GastroenterologyHaving a Sigmoidoscopy with Moviprep
GastroenterologyHaving a Colonoscopy with Moviprep
GastroenterologyInstructions for Patients after Therapeutic Colonoscopy
GastroenterologyOesophageal Varices
GastroenterologyEndoscopic Mucosal Resection
GastroenterologyHaving Colonoscopy with Klean Prep
General Medicine DivisionFibreoptic Bronchoscopy
General SurgeryInformation for People with Diabetes who are Undergoing Surgery Procedures
GynaecologyGynaecology Oncology Specialist Nurse
GynaecologyDrinking for a Healthy Bladder - B&BF
GynaecologyDiary for Enhanced Recovery after a Hysterectomy
GynaecologyOvarian hyperstimulation syndrome - RCOG
GynaecologyIntravesical Botox Therapy for Bladder Symtoms
GynaecologyPelvic Inflammatory Disease
GynaecologyHeavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB)
GynaecologyVaginal Hysterectomy
GynaecologyThe Post-Menopausal Bleeding (PMB) Clinic
GynaecologySurgical management of miscarriage
GynaecologySterilisation for Women (Tubal Occlusion)
GynaecologyPeriods and fertility in the menstrual cycle - NHS Choices
GynaecologyPolycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
GynaecologyInformation for you - Healthy eating and vitamin supplements in pregnancy - RCOG
GynaecologyMenstrual cycle
GynaecologyManagement of Miscarriage: your options - Miscarriage Association
GynaecologyMedical Management - The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust
GynaecologyEctopic pregnancy - Miscarriage Association
GynaecologyFeel Free to Enjoy Life Again - The one-time, five minute procedure for heavy menstrual bleeding
GynaecologyWhen your family is complete, ask your doctor about Essure permanent birth control
GynaecologyCaring for Your Surgical Wound after Caesarean Section
GynaecologyTermination of Pregnancy (TOP) / Abortion
GynaecologyInformation for you - Why your weight matters during pregnancy - RCOG
GynaecologyThe Post Menopausal Bleeding (PMB) Clinic
GynaecologyOperations for Prolapse of the Vaginal Apex: Sacrospinous fixation of the vaginal vault - Sacrospinous fixation of the uterus
GynaecologyYour miscarriage - Miscarriage Association
GynaecologyHaving a Loop Diathermy Treatment
GynaecologyOvarian Cysts
GynaecologyManual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)
GynaecologyColposcopy Explained
GynaecologyRecovering Well - Information for you after a Laparoscopy
GynaecologyMolar pregnancy (hydatidiform mole) - Miscarriage Association
GynaecologyProtecting Women and Babies with Anti-D Immunoglobulin
GynaecologyColposuspension for Stress Incontinence
GynaecologyManaging PMS
GynaecologyLaparoscopic hysterectomy
GynaecologyEndometrial ablation
GynaecologyChronic Pelvic Pain
GynaecologyCryo-cautery to the Cervix
GynaecologyAbdominal Hysterectomy
Haematology / OncologyThe Importance of Fluid Balance Charts
Haematology / OncologyHaving a Bone Marrow Biopsy
Haematology / OncologyMultidisciplinary Diagnostic Team
Haematology / OncologyGoing Home after a Stem Cell Transplant
Haematology / OncologyThe Acute Oncology Service
Haematology / OncologyChemotherapy Diet Advice (Haem)
Haematology / OncologyMouth Care During Chemotherapy (Oncology)
Haematology / OncologyCancer of the Unknown Primary
Haematology / OncologyHaving Chemotherapy (Oncology)
Haematology / OncologyHaving a Central Line
Haematology / OncologyInformation for Chemotherapy (Oncology)
Infection Prevention DepartmentMeticillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus
Infection Prevention DepartmentMRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
Infection Prevention DepartmentHand Hygiene
Infection Prevention DepartmentCarbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE)
Infection Prevention DepartmentClostridium Difficile
Infection Prevention DepartmentWhy am I being Screened for MRSA Pre-admission
Information Governance DepartmentHow we use your Health Records
Intermediary Mental Health TeamPsychological Therapies Team
Intravenous TherapyCommunity Intravenous Therapy Service
Learning DisabilitiesHospital Information - for people with Communication Difficulties
MaternityPersonal Training for your Pelvic Floor (Welsh)
MaternityPersonal Training for your Pelvic Floor
MaternityPelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Urdu
MaternitySaving Babies Lives - The SaBiNE Project - Poster
MaternityFlu Leaflet - Polish
MaternityA third- or fourth-degree tear during birth (also known as obstetric anal sphincter injury – OASI)
MaternityDiabetes in Pregnancy Service - Poster
MaternityAntenatal Banking of Colostrum
MaternityWhat is Gestational Diabetes
MaternityOutpatient Induction of Labour
MaternityThe Complex Social Needs Team - Poster
MaternityCoping with the Latent Phase of Labour
MaternityPost Natal Care for Gestational diabetes (GDM) - Perinatal Institute
MaternityBack Pain in Pregnancy
MaternityInduction of Labour
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Russian
MaternityFlu Leaflet - Chinese
MaternityCardiac Pregnancy Clinical - Poster
MaternityCaring for Your Surgical Wound after Caesarean Section
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Polish
MaternityJoint Endocrine Antenatal Clinic - Poster
MaternityPreparing for your Elective Caesarean
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Arabic
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Bengali
MaternityDiabetes in Pregnancy A3 Poster
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - English
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Hindi
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Hungarian
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Latvian
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Lithuanian
MaternityIn touch with your baby - A guide to your baby's movements during pregnancy - Mandarin
MaternityVenous Thrombosis in Pregnancy and After Birth
MaternityMultiple Pregnancy
MaternityMedical Pathway for Pregnant Women with Medical Conditions - Poster
MaternityHigh Body Mass Index (BMI) in Pregnancy
MaternityInduction of Labour
MaternityFlu Leaflet - Romanian
MaternityFlu Leaflet - Bulgarian
MaternityMental Health in Pregnancy - Poster
MaternityPelvic Floor Repair
MaternityPelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy
MaternitySubstance Misuse in Pregnancy - Multi-Agency Team - Poster
MaternityBackache in pregnancy (NHS Choices)
MaternitySkin to Skin at Caesarean Section - Poster
MaternityListening to your Baby's Heartbeat during Labour
OphthalmologyWhat is a Squint - Information for Parents
OphthalmologyAdvice for Patients following Day Case Cataract Surgery
OphthalmologyWhat is a Squint?
OphthalmologyRetinal Detachment
OphthalmologyPatient Discharge Retinal Vitrectomy Surgery (v9)
OphthalmologyInformation for patients undergoing Laser Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy
OphthalmologyYour child’s first appointment at the Ophthalmic / Orthoptic Clinic
OphthalmologyWhat is Macular Hole Surgery
OphthalmologyFloaters and Flashing Lights in the Field of Vision
OphthalmologyWhat is Vitrectomy Surgery?
OphthalmologyEntropion Correction
OphthalmologyEctropion Correction
OphthalmologyCorneal Transplant Information
OphthalmologyInformation for Patients Undergoing Cataract Surgery
OphthalmologyRemoval of Lesion Around the Eyelid
OphthalmologyInformation for Patients Undergoing YAG Laser Capsulotomy
OrthopaedicsHallux Rigidus or Arthritis of the Big Toe
OrthopaedicsCast Care Instructions
OrthopaedicsTriple Arthrodesis
OrthopaedicsTibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction
OrthopaedicsPlantar Fasciitis
OrthopaedicsSurgery for Morton’s Neuroma
OrthopaedicsHindfoot / Midfoot Fusion (Arthrodesis)
OrthopaedicsBunion Surgery (Hallux Valgus Correction)
OrthopaedicsAnkle fusion - What is an ankle fusion?
OrthopaedicsAnkle Arthroscopy
Pain ManagementEpidural injection
Pain ManagementPain Psychology
Pain ManagementPost Epidural Discharge Advice
Pain ManagementPain Management Programme
Pain ManagementFacet Joint Injections
Pain ManagementRadio frequency nerve ablation
Pain ManagementStellate Ganglion Block
Pain ManagementProgressive Muscle Relaxation
Pain ManagementAcupuncture
Pain ManagementElectro-acustim
Pain ManagementTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
Pain ManagementTrigger Point Injections
Pain ManagementLumbar Sympathetic Block
Palliative CareThe Amber Care Bundle
PathologySeminal Analysis Post Vasectomy
PathologySeminal Analysis Fertility Investigations
Patient ExperienceTell Us - We want to hear what you think of our services
Patient ExperienceWhen Visiting Someone who is Dying
Patient ExperienceRaising a Concern / Complaint (A5)
Patient ExperiencePatient Involvement - Child Health
Patient ExperienceSame Sex Accommodation A3 Poster
Patient ExperienceDelivering Same Sex Accommodation
PharmacyHelping You to get the Most out of Your Medicines
PharmacyJust in Case Medication
PharmacyA Syringe Pump Guide for Patients and Careers
PharmacyMedication instructions before your operation
Physiotherapy DepartmentUrogynaecology Physiotherapy Service - Pelvic Floor Muscle Training and Bladder Training
Physiotherapy DepartmentCauda Equina Syndrome
PodiatryA Guide to the Podiatry Service
Pulmonary Rehabilitation ServicesPulmonary Rehabilitation
Radiology MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan
Radiology NMRenogram - Child
Radiology NMMeckel's Scan
Radiology NMMuga Scan
Radiology NMNuclear Medicine
Radiology NMThyriod Scan
Radiology NMRenogram and Micturating Cystogram (MCU)
Radiology NMSeHCAT Scan
Radiology NMWhite Blood Cell Scan
Radiology NMRenogram Adult
Radiology NMParathyroid Scan
Radiology NMGastric Emptying Scan
Radiology NMSentinel Node Scan
Radiology NMLung Scan - Information Leaflet for Pregnant Patients
Radiology NMDMSA Scan - Adult
Radiology NMDMSA Scan Child
Radiology NMMyocardial Perfusion Scan
Radiology NMBone Scan
Radiology NMHida Scan
ResuscitationDecisions About Adult Cardiopulmonary Resus
ResuscitationDo Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) - An Easy Read Guide
Services Children - BereavementFuneral Options for your Baby - Stillborn and Neonatal Deaths
Services Children - BereavementFor you in you Loss
Services Children - BereavementFuneral Options for your Tiny Baby Up to 12 weeks
Services Children - BereavementFuneral Options for your Small Baby 12-24 weeks
Services Children - Bereavement Bereavement Support - Support for women, their partners and families who have had a recent Pregnancy or baby loss
Sexual Health ServicesSexual Health & Relationship Enhancement Psychosexual Service - Service Information Leaflet for individuals and couples
Sexual Health ServicesSexual Health & Relationship Enhancement Psychosexual Service - Referrer Information
Sexual Health ServicesInformation for those Accepting or Considering Hepatitis Hep B Vaccines
Sexual Health ServicesAdvice to Patients following a Vasectomy
Speech and LanguageWhat to expect when you see a Speech and Language Therapist
Supporting Minds ServiceSupporting Minds Service - Mandarin
Supporting Minds ServiceSupporting Minds Leaflet
Supporting Minds ServiceSupporting Minds Poster
Surgical DivisionOne Stop Prostate Cancer Assessment and Biopsy
Surgical DivisionA Patient’s Guide to having a Total Hip Replacement
Surgical DivisionComing into Hospital for an Operation
Therapy ServicesCommunity Therapy Team
Therapy ServicesIntermediate Care (reablement) with Therapy
Therapy ServicesOccupational Therapy Hospital Services
Urology DepartmentTelephone Follow up Clinic
Urology DepartmentUrology Cancer Service
Wound ManagementWound Care Passport