Complaints FAQs

What if I don’t want to complain but want something done?

We encourage all of our patients, their carers or relatives to speak up if they have been dissatisfied with the standard of care in our Trust. You should tell a member of staff as soon as you are aware of the problem. With most concerns an explanation and reassurance can be provided straight away and any issues resolved. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this you can contact the Patient Relations Team.

What if I am scared to complain?

We would like to assure all our patients, their relatives and carers, that we will never penalise a patient in any way or treat them differently as a result of raising a complaint or concern. If you feel you have been discriminated against as a result of making a complaint, please let our Patient Relations Team know.

How do I make a formal complaint?

The Trust has a formal complaints procedure. We follow this to ensure a complaint is properly investigated and you get a thorough response answering all your questions. To register a formal complaint, you can write to:

Chief Executive
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Headquarters
Whinney Heys Road


  • Email the Patient Relations Team –
  • Complete the Enquiry option on the Patient Relations page.

You will need to be as specific as you can on the form or in your letter, making clear the areas of concern you wish us to investigate. Include your contact details and any helpful information to identify you, such as your date of birth or hospital number.

What if I am making a complaint on behalf of somebody else?

If you are making a complaint about another person then you will be asked to provide the signed consent from that person (Patient Relations will provide the consent form).  Alternatively, a Power of Attorney document for Health and Welfare in your name can be accepted.  In the case where a person has died we will ask for a proof of representation document such as a copy of a Will, Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration naming you as their Legal Executor.  The Patient Relations Team will provide advice if one of these documents is not available.

Is there a time limit for complaining?

Yes, the complaint should be made:

  • Within 12 months of the of the date on which your concern occurred
  • Within 12 months of the date of when you became aware of the complaint

Where a complaint falls outside of the 12 months, the Patient Relations team may extend the timescales, if they are of the opinion that the Complainant had good reasons for not making the complaint sooner.

Can anyone help me with my complaint?

If you wish to seek independent information, advice, support or representation during the course of your complaint you can contact:

  • Empowerment Advocacy (FY1, FY2, FY3 and FY4 areas) – Telephone 01253 477959
  • N-Compass Advocacy (Rest of Lancashire area) – Telephone 0345 0138 208

What will happen after I have complained?

A member of the Patient Relations Team will try and contact you within three working days of receiving your complaint, to discuss your concerns, provide advice on the best way to deal with them and discuss if you would prefer a written response or attend a meeting with the investigating team and how long this is likely to take.

What if you don’t resolve my complaint?

We will make every effort to try and resolve your complaint or concern. If you are not happy with the response you receive let us know as soon as possible by contacting the Patient Relations Team who will discuss with you a further response or meeting. Should you be dissatisfied with the Trust’s response then you can contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).  The Ombudsman can review the way your complaint has been handled.  Contact should be made to the PHSO within 12 months from the date you initially raised your complaint with the Trust or within 12 months of you becoming aware of an issue.

You can contact the Ombudsman by:

Telephone: 0345 015 4033 (Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm)
Write to: The PHSO, Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP


Useful Documents:

Complaints Procedure

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