National Patient Surveys

Our Trust is legally obliged to carry out an annual review of our patient’s healthcare experiences. A postal survey can be sent every year to those who had a ward stay, attended A&E, or accessed specialist care provided by our Cancer, Maternity or Paediatric Services.

National Patient Experience Surveys

Survey feedback is reviewed and reported on by health watchdog the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who measure and monitor our performance against other NHS Trusts in England.  To find out more information about the national patient survey programme please click here.

To view the latest results for this Trust, please click on the links below.

Accident and Emergency Survey

Adult Inpatient Survey

Children and Young People’s Survey

Maternity Survey

National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL)

The National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL) is a national comparative audit of the quality and outcomes of care experienced by the dying person (adults only) and those important to them during the last admission leading to death in inpatient facilities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Quality Survey is an online questionnaire completed by the bereaved families and others. The Quality Survey aims to gather the bereaved person’s thoughts about the care provided to them and the dying person during their final admission to hospital. Responses to this survey are highly valued and will help to ensure the best possible care can be delivered to people at the end of life and those close to them.

NHS Benchmarking Network have been commissioned by HQIP to provide NACEL. To find out more information on this audit please click here

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (NCPES)
This survey is an important part of the national NHS Cancer Programme and is overseen by the Cancer Patient Experience Survey Advisory Group. This Advisory Group set the principles and objectives of the survey programme and guide questionnaire development.

The survey is commissioned and managed by NHS England and NHS Improvement and the implementation, analysis and reporting is completed by Picker.

When the survey and the associated analysis are completed, you will be able to view the results here.

If you do not wish to take part, or have any questions about the survey,  please contact the Macmillan Information and Support Service on 01253 955710.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a national survey taking place?

By asking healthcare organisations to carry out Patient Surveys in a consistent and systematic way, it is possible to build up a detailed picture across the country of patients’ experiences. This approach not only allows organisations to compare their performance with others but, by repeating the same type of survey on a regular basis, progress and improvements over time can be monitored.

As well as providing important information for each organisation, the survey results are used by the Care Quality Commission to measure and monitor performance at both a local and national level.

Who wants this survey to take place?

The Care Quality Commission is the health watchdog and is responsible for the surveys. The topics included in the survey programme are agreed between the Department of Health and the Care Quality Commission, and often involve other organisations in the approach and design of the surveys.

What is the Care Quality Commission?

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of all health and adult social care in England. The Care Quality Commission inspects all health and adult social care services in England, whether they’re provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies or voluntary organisations. It also protects the interests of people detained under the Mental Health Act.

Before April 1st 2009, this work was carried out by the Healthcare Commission, the Mental Health Act Commission and the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

You can find out more about the Care Quality Commission on their website:

Why was I sent a questionnaire?

You were sent a questionnaire as you recently visited or received services from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who is currently taking part in a National Patient Survey.

Will my answers be kept confidential?

All surveys in the National Survey programme are confidential and none of the staff who care for you will know if you take part.

Can a relative or friend complete the questionnaire on my behalf?

Yes, but the answers to the questions should be the views of the person who the letter was sent to.

Are the surveys voluntary?

Yes. If you don’t wish to take part, this will not affect your care and you don’t need to give us a reason. If you don’t want to take part, please either return the blank questionnaire or call the helpline number on the letter received.

Is the information I provide anonymous?

Yes. The information you provide is completely anonymous.

How is my personal data protected?

Your personal data is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice. A leaflet is available that explains how we use your personal information and keep it safe, and what your rights are under the law. If you would like a leaflet or further information, please write to us, or go to

A sample of people are picked who have recently used our services, this is used to send a questionnaire and reminders. Personal data about your involvement in this survey is not used for any other purpose and is deleted once the survey process is complete. Your responses to the questionnaire questions are not linked back to your name, or to other personal data that may identify you.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust use survey contractors to carry out this work on our behalf. Our chosen contractors are Quality Health Ltd / Picker Institute, if you have been asked to take part in a survey, your contact details have been passed to our contractors, only so that they can send you a questionnaire and process your response. Quality Health Ltd / Picker Institute will process your answers in confidence and keep them separate from your contact details. Quality Health Ltd / Picker Institute will delete your contact details once the survey process is completed.

How will the results from surveys be used?

The results will be published on Care Quality Commission’s website. The results are used to understand what care and treatment is like, both for England as a whole and here at our Trust. To see results from previous surveys, please go to: .

We share data from the surveys with national bodies, including the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England. They use the information to help their work. This never includes names or addresses. You can see more information about how data is shared at: