Friends and Family Test

familyWe would appreciate two minutes of your time to fill out a very short survey called the Friends and Family Test where you will be asked if you would recommend our services to a friend or relative.

You will be able to rate your experience using an “extremely likely” to “not at all likely” scale, and optionally provide a written comment explaining what is working well and what is not in the Trust.

Please follow this link to complete the Survey.

The percentage of patients who rated our services as Very Good or Good are:

MonthNumber of responsesInpatient ServicesEmergency ServicesMaternity ServicesCommunity ServicesOutpatient and Day Case ServicesPaediatric Services
April 202044598.64%100%0 (no responses collected)98.55%100%93.48%

Before April 2020, results were captured in a different format:

MonthNumber of
% of patients likely to recommend our Inpatient
% of patients likely to recommend our Emergency
% of patients likely to recommend our Maternity
% of patients likely to recommend our Community
% of patients likely to recommend our Outpatient & Day Case Services% of patients likely to recommend our Paediatric
March 2020224396.09%88.52%96%99.11%96.70%94.55%
February 2020516396.39%88.10%88.11%98.25%97.51%94.33%
January 2020404696.22%87.39%93.65%98.75%96.24%95.16%
December 2019263095.06%82.41%98.19%98.38%97.57%95.98%
November 2019393893.70%82.31%97.82%98.45%94.02%95.77%
October 2019379094.66%75.18%94.48%98.75%96.30%96.02%
September 2019409096.51%85.09%93.70%98.25%97.08%96.59%
August 19355295.81%84.42%97.53%99.01%95.24%97.92%
July 19429896.70%95.28%94.25%98.51%96.84%89.88%
June 19371396.38%95.80%90.16%98.39%96.31%97.40%
May 19357696.95%97.80%94.53%98.82%96.57%94.90%
April 19355696%94%96%98%96%96%

Alternatively, if you have a specific issue you wish to raise with the Trust, please contact our Patient Relations Team on 01253 955589.