Raise a Concern/Complaint

Staff member listening to a patient

The Trust always tries to do its best for patients but we recognise that things may not always go according to your expectations.

Posters like this can be found near ward entrances.

If this happens and you have concerns, the best thing to do is to raise them with a member of staff at the time. Request to speak to the Service or Ward Manager, or the Matron for the area if you are in hospital, their details can be found on posters in the ward entrance.

This will enable the issue to be dealt with promptly, as most concerns are easy to address and there will be a reduced likelihood of similar issues arising again.

If you are not satisfied with the action or explanation given by the staff when you raise a concern, speak to a member of our Patient Relations Team on how to take this forward.

All frequently asked questions about our complaint process can be found  in our complaints leaflet.