Homeless Link Team

Homeless Link Team
Homeless or Facing Homelessness?

There is a Homeless Link Team based at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. If you are an inpatient and have concerns regarding your housing situation – consider speaking to the team.

What is the Homeless Link Worker?

A link between hospital staff, Local Housing Authorities, and hospital in-patients who are having issues relating to housing

What can the Homeless Team do for you?
  • Listen and advise you on your situation
  • Signpost you to council housing teams or other relevant support agencies
  • Submit a referral to the relevant Housing Authority for emergency accommodation on discharge from hospital
Who should contact the Homeless Link Team?
  •  Any patient who is experiencing issues with homelessness or who it at risk of becoming homeless if action is not taken soon.
  • You may have a roof – but may still be classed as homeless if you are:
    • Sofa surfing with family or friends
    • In poor standard accommodation
    • Subject to other social injustices – overcrowding, domestic violence, human trafficking, neglect, etc
  • You may be at risk of homelessness due to:
    • Eviction
    • Relationship breakdown
    • Rent arrears
How do I contact the Homeless Link Worker in hospital?
  • Ask your nursing staff to make a referral to the Hospital Homeless Link Worker
What will the Homeless Link Worker want to know from me?
  • They will ask you about your situation, why you are homeless - or at risk of homelessness, where you have previously lived and your connections to the area where you are applying for help
Why should I speak to the Homeless Link Team?
  • Being an inpatient in hospital can be distressing enough – without worrying about where you will go on discharge. The team will help to arrange somewhere safe to discharge you to.
When are the Homeless Team available?
  • Monday-Friday 9-5pm
Can I self-help with my housing situation?
  • Yes – you can contact the Local Authority Housing Team

Alternative Help

Below is a table of contacts for Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Council Housing. Alternatively you can download the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Common Housing Issues Fact Sheet which details where you can get help.

Who? Business Hours Mon-Fri, 9:00-17:00 Out of Hours Mon-Fri, 17:00-09:00 inc Sat & Sun
Blackpool Council Housing 01253 477760 housing.options@blackpool.gov.uk 01253 477600 Online Referral Form: Blackpool Homeless Referral Link
Fylde Council Housing 01253 658658 housing@fylde.gov.uk OOH: 03333 204555 Online Referral Form: FYLDE Homeless Referral Link
Wyre Council Housing 01253 891000 housingoptions@wyre.gov.uk OOH: 01253 891000 Complete Online Referral Form: Wyre Homeless Referral Link