Patients and staff get to the heart of the matter at cardiac research awareness event

Consultant, Mr Alex Blackmore with Mr Hearty

Patients and staff had photographs taken with ‘Mr Hearty’ from the British Heart Foundation to highlight the importance of cardiac research.

The event took place at Blackpool Victoria Hospital on Friday, June 9, and dozens of people took part.

Mr Hearty, the mascot of the British Heart Foundation, was on a stand on the hospital’s mezzanine and toured the site to raise awareness of heart-related research studies.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Clinical Research Centre have conducted many research trials in partnership with the BHF in recent years.

Greta Van Duyvenvoorde and Steve Preston, Senior Research Nurses for the Trust, organised the event to promote the BHF research projects and clinical trials.

They said it was a great event and lots of members of the public enquired about the Trust’s research projects.

Andrew Heath, Head of Patient Relations

Andrew Potter

The Cath Lab team

On the way to the Cardiac Centre

Health Mentors, Chris Thornley and Anthony Barratt

Chris Thornley and Anthony Barratt

Dottie O’Donnell

Darren Cadwell

Christine Travis

Charlotte Armer

Sharon Adams

Russell Murray and Peter Boardman

Some of the research team members

One tour of the hospital

Mike Hincks

Leonie Benham

Mr Hearty – aka Lauren Pedley

James Finnerty and Tom McDonagh with Mr Hearty

Ingrid Kent interviews Mr Hearty

Ian Baines

Helen Spickett and James Eaton-Cooke

Heather Mudie

Nigel Teague with his sister Gillian

Dr Venu Kollipara with Dr Sabry Palab

Dr Lutaaya Malgarzata (right) in the Cardiac Centre

Dr Abozguia

Vivek Goodoory with Hina Faroq

Dr Brack and Dr Cassidy

Dr Billal Patel with senior research nurse, Steve Preston

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