Outpatient changes at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals

To keep patients, visitors and staff safe during the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), Blackpool Teaching Hospitals are making changes to their Outpatient appointments from Monday, March 23.

We aim to convert as much activity as possible to non face-to-face telephone consultations.

Janet Barnsley, Director of Operations

Janet Barnsley, Director of Operations at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, said: “We will be contacting patients whose appointments can be altered. This contact will be via either our mobile phone text system for those who are registered for this type of communication, or by telephone or letter.  This communication will provide details of the telephone consultation process.

“The aim is to protect our patients and staff. If, however, we feel you do need a face-to-face appointment with us, we will make those necessary arrangements as well as ensuring you receive any changes to your medication or necessary diagnostic test.

“We thank our patients and our staff very much for their support in this matter at this difficult time.”

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