Ward Helpers

Our Ward/Department Helpers support a variety of different areas across the Trust.

The role of the Ward/Department Helper enhances the patient experience and frees up time for staff on the wards/departments.

Volunteers can do a range of different tasks including:

  • Teas and coffees
  • Ensuring water jugs are full
  • Taking samples to Path Lab
  • Packing and unpacking dishwashers and cleaning the kitchen area.
  • Help with breakfast, lunch and dinner services.
  • Chatting to patients and visitors
  • Making up packs
  • Ensuring the stock rooms are full

Most ward/departments tailor the tasks for their departments.  Each ward/department has a dedicated staff lead on hand to guide and encourage.

Ward/Department Helper roles are also available at Clifton Hospital.

Mike Hinks, a Communications Department Helper, said:

“Being a Department Helper is certainly rewarding. You get to be involved in something important and the day to day running of the Trust.”

We are currently recruiting new volunteers within many of our voluntary groups. If you would like to express an interest in volunteering with us, or you require any further information, please check our Volunteer Vacancies page.