What our patients say

To all the weight management team…


First of all I would really like to thank all of you for the amazing work you do ,

When I first came onto the weight management programme I was very negative, wasn’t happy about zoom chats and was really not happy about joining the group chat .. my thoughts were negative I thought it was a waste of time and would not help me , ect ect ect ….

Well let me tell you , the complete opposite this was for me !!!!!

From day one i learnt so much I read the eat well guide over and over it really interested me to learn where I have been going wrong 😖.

The support I have been given throughout this has been above and beyond what I was expecting I really don’t believe I would of come as far as a have the last few months without this help it has changed my mindset 100% I am now very positive about my journey and weight loss,

I don’t think of being on a diet anymore, I think of eating myself healthy , everything I eat and the amount I eat is doing my body good I feel very positive about the foods I eat now where as before I would shove anything in my mouth enjoy it for the 10 minutes it lasted but felt like crap the rest of the time …

I now have more energy I am fitting in my clothes a lot better , the car seat belt isn’t choking me anymore and I can walk up stairs to bed without gasping for air at the top !!! (Result)

I must say I have spoken with one clinician more than anyone in the service and she has been such an inspiration to me , my ray of sunshine 🌞

I really looked forward to the weekly group session to go over things we had read and learnt from the guide to listen to other people’s experiences of what they found helpful

The clinicians made these sessions interesting , knowledgable and fun !

This is my time to shine now and I am 100% going to be shining like a diamond for the rest of my life as a much slimmer, healthier and happier me !!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


“Fantastic, friendly, and knowledgeable staff.  So supportive no need for improvement in my eyes. I am very grateful to the team for all help.”

“Being able to discuss my problems and working through them with sound advice and support along the way.”

“Well structured, fabulous support and encouragement, Professional staff throughout my journey.”

“Lovely Staff, very helpful.”

“It was better than expected, I finally felt that I was understood and some of the difficulties I faced the clinician already was very aware of.”

“Felt I learnt a lot, I was quite negative starting thinking I know it all and I definitely didn’t.”

“She was very understanding, nothing can be improved.”

“Good advice on dietary needs by friendly care givers.”

“Knowing that other people suffer from the same things as me, and having the leaders being continually supportive and positive to me. “