Patient Experience Videos

Patient experience videos and feedback are important, it gives you an insight as to how people have found their experience with the service.

Martin speaks of his time with the surgery and his non-surgical weight loss.

I was referred to the service after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was concerned about my health. My thoughts towards weight management changed throughout my journey as I recognised it is doable. I have made several changes; portion control, now check food labels when out shopping in particular fat content, don’t snack in between meals also weigh out ingredients. I feel I can sustain these changes as I’m seeing and feeling the benefits, now sleeping better have more energy and feel comfortable in my new wardrobe. The ongoing support from the service, positive comments from friends and the results each month of my weight loss have made continuing to implement the changes easier.

For anyone new to the service or thinking about being referred; don’t be scared to ask for help throughout your journey. As you can see with the right support and frame of mind weight loss is achievable as you can see from my latest photo.


Michael had weight loss surgery, he speaks of his journey before, during and after.