Initial Assessment Appointment

Once you have indicated you wish to work with the specialist weight management service and you reach the top of our waiting list,  you will be sent a number of health and lifestyle questionnaires to complete. This information will help us work effectively with you on your weight loss journey.

When we have received your completed questionnaires we will send you information about booking for a blood test at your GP surgery and ask you to attend one of our ‘weigh’ clinics to have your height and weight measured. Height and weight measuring takes approximately 10 minutes and is carried out in a Covid secure way.

After you have attended this clinic we will offer you an initial assessment appointment via video link or telephone. Limited face to face appointments can be offered based on patient need

These appointment can take 75-90 minutes and we will discuss your questionnaires as well as finding out more about you, including your weight history, and more about your lifestyle and aspirations for weight loss.  There will an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

The information you share will help us work together to plan your first steps within the service.