Referral Criteria

Our service accepts referrals for people aged 18 years and over. 

Appropriate referrals include the following:

  • Neurological or neuromuscular problems associated with swallowing or communication e.g: multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, stroke
  • Frequent coughing or choking when eating and drinking or immediately afterwards
  • Recurrent chest infections or pneumonia where aspiration of oral intake is suspected
  • A MUST score of 1 or more associated with the above
  • Newly diagnosed speech or language difficulties e.g aphasia, dysarthria, stammer and transgender
  • Communication or swallowing problems where the clients presentation has changed (deterioration or improvement)
  • Transfers from other SLT departments.

There is a separate service for children and also for people with head and neck cancer, people with brain injury and adults with learning disabilities who require SLT.

Initially, all referrals are screened to see whether they meet our referral criteria and contain sufficient information. They are then prioritised, and an appointment offered.

Domiciliary Visits

A domiciliary service is only available for clients who are confined to their homes. Visits will only be undertaken where absolutely necessary. Advice may be given over the telephone.

Inpatient Referrals

The criteria for inpatient referrals may differ from the above. Please use the E-Referral system for all inpatient referrals.