Groups and Workshops

The Speech and Language Therapy service in this area offer a range of groups, workshops and Hanen parent programmes, which your child’s therapist may recommend to you following assessment.


Hanen Parent programmes:

Hanen It Takes two to Talk programme

A parent programme for preschool children with language delays. For further information see the ITTT_Parent_Brochure

Hanen More than Words programme

A parent programme for preschool children with autism or social communication difficulties. For further information see the MTW-parent-brochure

Hanen TalkAbility programme

A parent programme for verbal children with autism or social communication difficulties. To find out more see the TA-parent-brochure


Groups for your child:

Total Communication Group

These groups are designed for children who are at an early communication stage e.g. they are pointing, using facial expressions, some single words and can understand some familiar words.

Within the group we will be using speech, sign and symbols to help the children understand and to express themselves. The group uses play situations to demonstrate strategies, which will help develop your child’s communication.

Getting to Know You

These groups are designed for the Speech and Language Therapist to get to know you and your child. We will be looking at you child’s communication skills and their interaction with both adults and peers. By doing this we will be able to get a clearer picture of your child’s communication skills and will be able to discuss future therapy options with you.

Workshops for parents and/or key workers:

Word finding difficulties workshop

This is a session for parents and key workers of children who have word finding difficulties. It gives a background to the nature of these difficulties and some practical strategies to help at school and home.

Parent workshop – Auditory processing Disorder

This provision is a parent workshop for parents of children who find it difficult to coordinate auditory information. Your child may or may not have a diagnosis of Auditory Processing Difficulties, but your therapist will have identified that the strategies and advice will support your child to process auditory information. We discuss the environmental modifications, compensatory strategies and auditory training, this work shop is offered to both home and school.

Parent Workshop – Social Communication skills

Our service offers a Social Communication Skills workshop to parents whose children may be experiencing difficulties with social situations.

The provision aims to:

  • Help parents gain a better understanding about why their child may have difficulties understanding the viewpoints of others and how this can impact their social interaction and conversation skills with peers
  • Provide some strategies to help parents
  • Help familiarise parents with various visual resources and explain how these may support their child.