Children on the Out of School Register

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All school aged children and young people in Blackpool are still able to access School Nursing support even if you are home educated.  We can offer you advice around a range of childhood health and development concerns.

Our service can offer you advice and support on anything troubling you and we can refer to other services if needed. Some of the common reasons for referrals include concerns around toileting, sleep, behaviour, weight, emotional health or development.

Children who do not attend a school are still entitled to routine childhood immunisations.   The school vaccination team can be contacted on (01253) 951984 to request advice or to arrange any due or outstanding vaccinations. Alternatively your GP practice will be able to offer advice.

If you are in need of support or advice, your School Nurse can help.

You can click on 'how to contact us' for ways to get in touch or visit your School Nurse at a school drop-in session.