Looked After Children

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Children and young people aged between 5 and 16 are offered a health review every year by their School Nurse. Young people can choose where this appointment takes place, in school, at home or community clinic.  For younger children this usually takes place with their carers present. Older children will always be offered an opportunity to speak with their School Nurse in private if they wish.

Your health review is a discussion about any worries you may have about your health and wellbeing. At the end of the review a plan is developed with you to identify any support that is needed to help you stay healthy and safe.

Children who are looked after can also contact their School Nurse at any time or attend their school ‘drop in’ sessions for further advice and support.

We work closely with our local Justuz group and our specialist nurses to provide you with the best advice and support we can.


If you are in need of support or advice, your School Nurse can help.

You can click on 'how to contact us' for ways to get in touch or visit your School Nurse at a school drop-in session.