Meet the Team

The Department of Rheumatology is not run by rheumatologists alone. It is staffed by a whole team of health professionals and support staff, who work in diverse roles and deliver a wide range of services. Below are a few examples of people that patients can expect to meet in the rheumatology department:


Rheumatologists play a key role in understanding exactly what is wrong with you and in deciding the best way to treat it.

Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner

The rheumatology nurse practitioners are specialists in their field. They play a supporting role to consultants and deliver specialist clinics across the Trust. They can provide professional advice to patients and their families about their condition.


Physiotherapists are particularly involved in helping you maintain the strength, movement and function of the areas affected by your condition. They are particularly aware of the constraints caused by the nature of your complaint, and can help and advise by suggesting appropriate activities.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists are involved in assessing the way in which we perform everyday tasks and the constraints which arthritis puts on these activities. They are skilled in the art of joint protection and encourage patients to do things in a way that puts least strain on the joints. They know how to adjust or avoid some difficult activities, and can show you a wide range of aids, devices and home modifications available, designed to make life easier for people with arthritis.