Sleep Studies

Overnight Sleep Studies (or Respiratory Channel Studies) are used to diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, and investigate what is happening to your airways while you are asleep.  These involve having some equipment attached to yourself at the appointment, and sleeping in this equipment at home at night.

The equipment requires you to wear a small monitor located in the centre of your chest, with two bands; one located around your chest, the other around your abdomen. You will also be asked to attach a finger probe on one finger, and a nasal flow cannula under your nose before going to bed. The equipment can be removed the following morning before being returned to the Chest Clinic (Reception B) before 11am.

If you are asked to attend for a sleep investigation:

  • Wear a T-shirt that you are happy to sleep in (the equipment will be set up on top of this)
  • Remove any nail varnish or false/ acrylic nails from one finger (there will be a monitor on that finger)
  • Bear in mind that the equipment will be in place from your appointment time onward and may restrict your activities for the rest of the day of your test
  • Remember, the equipment needs returning before 11am the following day.

The appointment will take between 30 to 45 minutes. There is no appointment needed when dropping off the equipment the following day.  It may take up to four weeks for the results to be analysed and reviewed by the Consultant when necessary, at which point yourself and your GP will receive a letter in the post.

For investigations into other sleep disorders, you would a need a referral to the Respiratory and Sleep Consultant which can be done by your GP.