Breathing Tests

Lung Function tests (otherwise known as Pulmonary Function tests) are used to see how well you can breathe in and out, and are helpful in diagnosing any lung conditions you may have. They involve blowing into a mouthpiece while wearing a nose peg.

If you are asked to attend for some breathing tests:

  • Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing
  • Wherever possible, try to avoid taking your relief inhalers (e.g. Salbutamol/Terbutaline) four hours prior to testing (brown inhalers and tablets are fine to take).
  • Preferably avoid:
  • Smoking 24 hours prior to the test
  • Consuming alcohol for four hours before the test
  • Vigorous exercise 30 minutes prior to the test
  • Eating a substantial meal two hours prior to the test
  • Please bring any GTN sprays with you to the appointment (if applicable).

Depending upon what tests have been requested, the appointment may take between 15 minutes and one hour. Results will not be given to you at your appointment, but will be sent back to your referring Doctor or Consultant.