How Can We Help You?


The Research and Development office is dedicated to supporting and furthering research and development within the Trust. If you are a researcher wishing to carry out a study at the Trust, the Research and Development office team will be able to guide you through the process of:

  • How to check whether your work is research and not audit or service evaluation
  • How to get support with protocol development, study design, data management and analysis
  • How to apply for funding
  • How to get permission from various authorities such as regulatory bodies at a Health Research Authority as well as approval from the Trust.

We can also tell you about:

  • Opportunities for collaborations with our academic partners
  • Training courses offered by training providers
  • Local and national funding opportunities
  • The Research and Development publications.

And much, much more! 

We welcome enquiries from researchers, staff and patients or members of the public who would like advice or further information.