Radiology (X-ray)

The Radiology department operates across all of the Trust’s main sites. Although better known as the ‘X-ray Department’, we do a lot more than just take X-rays – we offer almost all of the latest types of medical imaging techniques.

Last year we performed over 200,000 examinations.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recently completed the installation of more than 100 new pieces of state of the art Radiology equipment. These include a new CT scanner, providing general imaging but also to enable imaging of the heart. Further equipment includes mobile X-ray units, digital X-ray rooms, a new X-ray screening room and a new vascular intervention lab.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital

There are seven sub-departments at this, the largest of our sites. They are:

  • Angiography (Farage Unit) – Examinations of veins and arteries are performed in this suite
  • Casualty X-ray – This satellite department has two rooms which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for emergency investigations. X-ray equipment is also available in the resuscitation room
  • Chest Clinic X-ray – This one-room satellite department contains specialised equipment for chest imaging
  • Mammography – The mammography suite provides a specialist service for symptomatic breast imaging
  • Obstetric Ultrasound (Women’s Unit) – There are three ultrasound rooms in the Women’s Unit where pregnancy and some gynaecology scans are performed
  • X-ray Central – There is one general X-ray room in this department (for inpatient referrals) as well as specialised suites for CT scanning, magnetic resonance imaging, general ultrasound and nuclear medicine
  • X-ray North – This department contains four general X-ray rooms (two each for GP referrals and outpatient department referrals), one dental X-ray room and three rooms for special investigations (such as barium meals).

Facilities at others sites:

Fleetwood Hospital

Fleetwood Hospital has a state-of-the-art X-ray facility that offers efficient service to its patients. The X-ray department at Fleetwood Hospital was generously re-equipped by the Lofthouse Foundation in 1998. The department performs mostly orthopaedic and general X-rays at the request of GPs.

Clifton Hospital

Clifton Hospital is a community hospital that provides non-acute, rehabilitation and respite care for those with long-term conditions. The Radiology department at Clifton Hospital has two examination rooms. One is equipped for general X-ray examinations and the other contains a bone densitometry scanner.