Current Projects

Quality Improvement Project titleProject LeadStart Date
​Improve compliance with RCEM Asthma protocol in ED ​Mr Abouzeid 05.12.19
​Increase compliance rate of BSG guideline for management of SBP by 25% by March 2020 ​Dr Aye Mya Htun 02.12.19
​Improve documentation of open and laparoscopic appendicectomy operation notes to comply with the Royal College of Surgeons standard to 100% by the end of March 2020. ​Dr Daniela Alves 25.11.19
​To improve standard of care and patient management by improving quality of documentation affecting clinical decisions ​Dr Faustina Davis & Dr Hannah Smith 22.11.19
​Improve the accessibility of routine gynaecology specific equipment for examining all referred patients ​Dr Rebecca Magill 15.11.19
​Increase / Improve sending referrals to smoking cessation for cardiovascular patients ​Dr Lai Lai Wyut Yee 23.10.19
​Improved Care of patients receiving NIV ​Dr Abdelmonin Elhakim 31.10.19
​Senior Review times on CAU - are we achieving the 4hr target? ​Dr Charlotte Baker 29.10.19
​Improving documentation for fragility neck of femur fractures ​Dr Matthew Nelson 23.10.19
​First 24hr care of patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis ​Dr Imran Haidry 23.10.19
Improving DVLA driving advice for post cardiac intervention patients ​Dr Cheng Ken Ong 07.10.19
​Reducing number of inconclusive bicycle stress echocardiography ​Dr Cheng Ken Ong 07.10.19
​Lumbar Punctures completed in AMU & AEC ​Dr Tom Cassidy 26.09.19
​Sending urine samples for microscopy and culture ​Natalie Burgoyne11.07.19
​Improving the safety on patient discharges ​Emma Wiper & Sharon Vickers June 19
​Peri operative management of anticoagulation ​Rasha Shereef 26.06.19
​Improving training and development within the ED Department ​Rebecca Ashford 26.06.19
​Improving medical gas management training compliance of ED assistants ​Rebecca Ashford 26.06.19
​Bronchiectatic Physiotherapy pilot project ​Luisa Haylett 05.06.19
​Documentation of catheterisation / urinary catherterisation policies ​Louise Kippax Davis TBC
​Promoting appropriate indications for urine analysis on AMU ​Dr Sameira Sohail 25.04.19
​Improve % of foundation doctors that feel prepared for their first and subsequent placements throughout the foundation programme ​Alexandra Muston 06.02.19
​IV Fluid management plan documentation ​Dr H Morgan 11.04.19
​Regular review of over the phone advice ​Dr Galal & Dr Nanakkayara 22.02.19
​Review of cancelled CT lung biopsy appointments on the day of procedure in the last 6 months ​Dr Devineni 22.02.19
​Escalation decisions for all ​Rosie Harkness 13.03.19
​Improving medical handover ​Shun Shun Ooi & Wei Jie The ​31.01.19
​Fluid Balance Matters ​Emma Wiper & CCOT 28.01.19
​Reducing blood culture contamination rate in A&E ​Dr Gareth Hardy TBC
​Improving confidence in surgical referral taking amongst FY2 doctors ​Dr M Ransome ​14.12.18
​To improve the management and treatment of constipation in acutely unwell older patients ​Stephanie White ​06.02.18
​Breast abscess / infection management guidelines ​Mr Kiruparan June 18
​To improve the measurement and documentation of weight (kg) for patients admitted to a Cardiology ward ​Dr T MacDonagh ​10.11.17
​To introduce sick day cards for patients with diabetes to prevent DKA and hospital admissions ​Dr R Ibrahim ​10.11.17
​Improving the transferral of post-op diabetic patients who are on VR111 onto their usual anti-diabetic regime ​Dr J Li & Dr Blackmore ​10.11.17
​Introduction of pre-printed consent forms in general surgery ​Mr A Blackmore ​10.11.17
​Minimising interruptions during medical procedures on AMU ​Dr Wei Fen Tay ​30.10.17
​Improving sleep hygiene in older patients admitted to hospital ​Dr Sunitha Bethireddy ​15.12.18
​ABC team ​Mohamed Youssef ​24.10.18
​Improve the implementation of advance care planning conversations for patients within the extensive care service ​Helena Whyte ​15.06.18
​Implementation of management of care bundle to standardise care and reduce variation in management of patients with COPD ​Sarah Beacham ​16.04.18